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Community Health Bag

Community Health Bag (Unbreakable & Waterproof)

Spectrum Impex

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This Community Health Bag (kit) contains the following items:

  Face Mask

  Toothed Forcep

  Spirit Lamp

  Non Toothed Forcep

  Surgical Spirit

  Rectical Thermometer


  Clinical Thermometer

  Mucus Sucker

  Surgical Blades

  Test Tube Holder

  B.P. Handle

  Test Tube

  Straight Artery Forcep


  Curve Artery Forcep

  Kidney Trays

  Enema Can with Tubing

  Ounce Glass

  Empty Plastic Bottles For Solution


  Empty Plastic Bottles For Cotton Swap









  Cord Clamp


  Small Scissor

  Writing Pad

  Big Scissor


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